We all football fans on here and most of us (with the

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pandora rings Know he likes to help me, even now. So I would say, can you help me make breakfast? And he would reply more positively to that approach, instead of on, get out of bed. Your breakfast is ready. We all football fans on here and most of us (with the exception of 9, who very welcome here in my book) are LFC fans but regardless of who we support we all entitled to our opinions positive or negative, I guessing that most of the negative posts in this, and other, threads is that people were frustrated at dropping points yesterday more than actually thinking we are going down the pan but I just wanted to point out to people that we still in a good place despite yesterdays result, as I said in my post we a work in progress but we getting there, I not a defeatist, far from it, but I settle for top four this season and hopefully a cup. Chin up mate we coming up the hill. YNWA RIP the 96. pandora rings

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