This Friday, the tasting will feature his organic wines

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Cheap Celine Bags Replica Domaine Antoine Arena was founded in the 16th century but was refocused in the 1970s by Antoine Arena who, after having a promising career on the French mainland for a bit, returned to his family’s land in Patrimonio to make wine. He started by identifying the best parcels of his ancestral land and vinifying them separately to try and put forward the best the Patrimonio region has to offer.This Friday Replica Celine, the tasting will feature his organic wines including the 2014 Bianco Gentile (one of the Corsican native grapes) Replica Celine, the 2014 Patrimonio Carco Blanc (vermintinu), the 2013 Patrimonio Carco Rouge (neillucciu aka sangiovese), and the 2013 Patrimony Grotte di Sole Rouge (neillucciu from 60 year old vines).Also at Friday’s event, you’ll be able to meet Celine Champalou of Domaine Champalou which will serve as a brilliant introduction to the region of Vouvray, where chenin blanc reigns supreme. You’ll be able to try three different expressions of the grape from one of the area’s premier producers, including the sparkling,which is among my favorites.Phillips Bernede will also be there representing Chateau La Coutale and Chateau La Grave, both in Cahors where malbec is the grape Cheap Celine Bags Replica.