The two buses headed toward midtown Tokyo as the sun went down

Thus far, video games have been relegated to escapist entertainment an industry known best for little blue hedgehogs and plucky mustached plumbers bouncing about in fantasy worlds. There is little in the realm of socially conscious gaming software that does more than merely amuse for a few idle hours. Yet while some low selling games offer pedagogical education (in geography, math Cheap Prada handbags, etc.), games that genuinely challenge social taboos or confront real cultural issues are nearly non existent.[3]1.

With the 13 hour time difference from South Bend to Tokyo, the Notre Dame contingent lost half a day on the 12 hour flight from Chicago to Japan. Tokyo time, and almost two hours later the flight from New York (47 people) landed. The two buses headed toward midtown Tokyo as the sun went down on a sunny, 75 degree day with sights seen out the bus windows ranging from traditional rice paddies to the Tokyo Disney Resort.

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