The OPSM eye hub concept store reflects Luxottica’s continuous

In the back of the house is the office that Faulkner added on after he won the Nobel. On two walls, he sketched out chapters for his novel, A Fable, in graphite and red grease pencils. The story goes that he had taped pages of the plot outline up on the walls but when his big silver fan blew the pages away, he just decided he’d write directly on the walls themselves.

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Two confirmed pregnancies were lost without bleeding; one woman subsequently had a normal uterus on ultrasound and the other woman with a missed abortion had an evacuation. Four of eighteen pregnancies survived despite a heavy loss with clots and moderate pain. Bleeding occurred in half the six ectopic pregnancies.

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ConceptPR was created in 2012 by ex journalists Eduardo Vieira and Ricardo Cesar as a firm uniting corporate communications, digital and social media. Known as a «Guerrilla PR» specialist, ConceptPR counts top Brazilian and global brands as clients, including Mondelez, Oakley, JBS, Ultragaz and Metr S Paulo. The combined business will operate as Ogilvy Public Relations.