The event was filled with new gadgets from drones to smart cars

gun liability bill introduced in senate

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fake oakley sunglasses APX Labs CEO Brian Ballard predicts that enterprise deployments will rapidly grow from the dozens to the thousands as wearables reach a greater level of maturity and market acceptance.Ballard predicts that wearables will replace the smartphone as the key driver of hardware development in the technology sector.Several manufacturing partners demoed and announced wearable devices featuring Intel inside during CES 2016.CES 2016 kicked off on January 6th in Las Vegas and concluded on January 9th. The event was filled with new gadgets from drones to smart cars, but some of the most exciting offerings were associated with virtual reality and augmented reality. CES also provides an opportunity for consumer electronics companies to gage the competitive landscapes, view competitor products up close as well as network with key decision makers. fake oakley sunglasses

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