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cheap oakley sunglasses The department is also eyeing large timberlands in Hansville and South Kitsap.Bainbridge’s ever growing Grand Forest now offers hikers an array of terrains from dark, hilly forest to mountain view meadow and trails that link to neighborhoods and other parks.»The way Bainbridge connects and expands things, there are really places you can spend all day,» Romano said.A college history major, Romano can’t help but highlight spots where modern trails intersect with the more colorful events in the county’s past. The book touches on the lumber mill days of Port Gamble, naval history at Manchester State Park and Fort Ward Park, and the internment of Japanese Americans at Bainbridge’s Pritchard Park replica oakley sunglasses, where dozens of families where shipped off to camps during World War II.Romano puts a spotlight on a few parks that many locals have never heard of, including Square Lake, a large South Kitsap property Washington State Parks no longer promotes, and Anderson Point Park, a sandy beach destination that reopened last year after a lengthy closure.Romano is an unabashed advocate for getting families outdoors. It makes them fitter, healthier and happier, he says, and it makes them care about and want to preserve natural places. cheap oakley sunglasses

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