The Dicky cultivar can produce as many as 36 sprays of flowers

Church, Lords Valley; James Ciszak Replica Celine, Hawley; Jessica L. Clark, Shohola; Allen C. Clemo, Vandling; Tiffany A. Sorghum is a drought adapted cereal capable of reliable production where other cereals fail, and thus represents a good candidate to address food security as agricultural inputs of water and arable land grow scarce. A long standing issue with sorghum grain is that it has an inherently lower digestibility. Here we show that a low frequency allele type in the starch metabolic gene, pullulanase, is associated with increased digestibility, regardless of genotypic background.

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They began with a hybrid cross between a polyantha, which blooms in sprays, and a tea rose Replica Celine Bags, which produces only one flower per stem. The Dicky cultivar can produce as many as 36 sprays of flowers throughout the spring and then produce single blooms, one bloom per stem, in the fall. The Fabulous floribunda cultivar always blooms in sprays.

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