The audit found that the Department of Public Works is not

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Cheap Jerseys from china Why is it important to run a project about mixed race identity?People of mixed race constitute the fastest growing minority ethnic group in the country, projected to be the largest minority group by 2010. They are visible ever where on our streets and cities, selling sofa’s at DfS and swimwear for Marks and Spencers yet, remain invisible from government and local policy. In addition to leading seminars and workshops for mixed race children and families around issues of identity, the also provides training resources for teachers and other professionals on the needs of this increasingly visible population.Aim of project:To make a positive contribution to the mixed race discussionTo raise the profile of issues related to young people and families from mixed race backgrounds, influence policy change and remove the awkward silence surrounding the subject.Mix d Uk is our way of capturing the thoughts and opinions of young people across the UK by giving them an opportunity to say how they feel about being mixed race in Britain today Cheap Jerseys from china.