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10 Tips To Find The Right Bathing Suit For Your Body From Tosca Delfino

Buying a bathing suit is stressful. It truly is.

Gleaming white lights in changerooms are less than flattering and you’re often shopping when your skin hasn’t seen the sun in months.

Since summer is finally starting to really heat up, we asked the Italian Canadian swimwear designer, Tosca Delfino, for some tips on finding that perfect suit. (And she should know she just celebrated the completion of her second bathing suit collection with a trip and photoshoot in the Cayman Islands. Her 2013 offerings are inspired by the luxury trio of islands located in the Caribbean.)

Check out her 10 tips below:

If You Want To Minimize Your Bum: To minimize your behind, the boy short cut bottom is ideal. It gives just the right amount of coverage to the parts you want to hide and shows just enough cheek on the behind to still give you that sex appeal.

If You Want A Bum: Your traditional string bikini bottom shows the right amount of bottom to give the illusion that it is bigger than it is.

If You Don’t Have Boobs: Padding is the secret to bigger breasts and cleavage.

If You Have Big Boobs: One pieces give the support you need. Original prints can make a plain Jane one piece, super stylish.Smart Watch

If You Have Broad Shoulders: For those who want to minimize how broad they are, the halter style draws the eye away from the shoulders. The V gives length and not width to your upper body, and styled necklines add flair while making broad shoulders look quite appealing.

If You Have Long Legs: Long legs can never be too long! Every style looks good.

If You Have Great Shoulder Blades: The bandeau top accentuates beautiful shoulders!

If You Have Short Legs: For a two piece suit, styles tied above the hip bone giving you that long leg look. As for the high waist bottoms, one may think if they have shorter legs this style won’t look good, but that’s untrue. The high waist bottoms are cut so they lengthen the leg and are cut on your behind just enough to not cut off leg length.

If You Have Hips: Black panels on the sides help give the illusion your hips are narrower than they are and having a print in the middle section will give the illusion of narrower hips. Side cutout details will also draw attention away from hip size; detailed cutout and black diamond shapes have the same effect.

If You Have A Stomach: Some women are self conscious about their middle. The high waist styles tuck in the belly and are also very good for women who have had a C section (it can hide any noticeable scarring).