Ragweed season is here

Welcome to the beginning of the end my friends! Ragweed pollen is ramping up each day with no end in sight. Ragweed is highest on dry, windy days. Ragweed gradually dies with the fall season first frost. Rockford first frost is usually a few days either side of October 7th.

Here are some interesting facts about ragweed:

If you are experiencing ragweed symptoms (runny nose,moncler coats womens http://www.moncleroutletusa.top/ itchy watery eyes, and sneezing) use an over the counter saline nasal spray several times per day in addition to an antihistimine. As always, you should consult a doctor before taking new medications or if symptoms worsen.

We get through it! If you have any secret remedies for allergies, please post a comment. I try anything to make my sneezes go away. ERIC

Take a shower before you go to bed AND when you get up. That gets pollen, dust, etc., out of your hair, eyebrows, etc. keeps it off your pillow cases clothes. (it really helps, honest)

Don store your dirty clothes hamper IN YOUR CLOSET. All the pollen sitting on your worn duds floats right up and lodges on your clean clothes.

BATHE YOUR DOG at least 2x/week during ragweed season. Your dog coat is full of pollen even if you can see it, and even if it doesn bother your dog, IT GETS ON YOU.