Plus the standard fit reversing camera and parking sensors

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replica hermes birkin It also raises the boot floor so you’ll have to lift bags even higher to get them in the back.With big doors that open wide Replica Hermes, access to the rear is easy, and with lots of glass area visibility is good. Plus the standard fit reversing camera and parking sensors help with manoeuvring.Mercedes hasn’t managed to shake off its poor reliability image over recent years and finished 26th out of 32 manufacturers when it came to reliability. Its overall result of 12th in our 2016 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey is still a drop of one place on its 2015 performance.When it comes to safety, Mercedes has pioneered plenty of innovations in the past, and the new GLE features lots of kit to help avoid a crash or protect you if the worst should happen.There’s an adaptive bonnet that pops up in the event of a pedestrian impact to cushion the blow, as well as Attention assist that monitors driver behaviour and tells you when you need to take a break.On top of this the GLE gets Collision prevention assist plus, which will give an visual and audible warning to the driver if it sense a potential crash, before applying the brakes for you to try and avoid a bump replica hermes birkin.