People in this town are so afraid of offending someone

I’ve given my head another shake but that impatient so and so is trying to read the newspaper on my back seat. Go on flash your headlights and blow your horn but I refuse to break the speed limit even for you. Not critisising just observing from past experience.

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I am a graduate of Davidson College, Davidson, NC (30 minutes north of Charlotte, NC), where I earned a Political Science degree and a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN where I earned a Masters of Education degree in Student Personnel Services. I worked at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and UT Chattanooga in Residence Life before coming to Penn State Altoona in 1990 as an academic adviser. I supervise a first year retention program, have taught first year seminar and study skill courses and am a member of several on and off campus committees.

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