Klaus Biedermann and Mexx2 will provide a traditional Bavarian

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silicone mould United Church Women Bazaar, United Church, Grand Meadow. 754 5809. Baked goods, craft items, cookie walk, woven rugs, pillows and treasures. This year our lemons have been grown by Clive Richards’ famous farm at Ullingswick, and he has generously donated them to us. It will be all hands to the pudding bowls, and they are mixed with a lot of care and love. We serve teas and coffees during the morning, and have a wonderful sales table, groaning with handmade goodies that include delightful small decorated Christmas cakes, ideal for the smaller family, or gifts for friends and relations. silicone mould

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kitchenware My grandmother, Lily Rose, as well as her sister, Great Aunt Cora, had the boiled icing thing down like they were trained by the great pastry chefs of France. They were not. They spent their childhoods on Aisquith Street, later the 1800 block of N. But this year’s festival is under the management of new German organisers WELA Mrkte who hope that more than one million people will visit the city centre over the festive season.Andree Lagenscheidt, from WELA Markte, said: «We couldn’t wait to launch the Southampton Christmas Festival. It’s brand new and exciting for Southampton and has taken a lot of hard work and months of planning.»We have been building the Festival throughout the month so we are very excited to now see Above Bar lit up and the uniquely designed chalets filled with great Christmas gifts and authentic German fare.»And don’t forget, we’ve introduced a UK first Flying Santa. This is something not to be missed.»Rows of individually designed Alpine chalets opened offering traditional German bratwurst sausages http://www.cq-mould.com/P_view.asp?pid=1955, beers fondant tools, salmon smoked over logs, gingerbread hearts and candied fruit, plus a selection of gifts including mesmerising hanging mobiles, jewellery and crafts.There was is also a stall where children can make their own snow.Santa Claus arrived after a countdown to turn on the lights including a star perched at the top of the 25m high zip wire stretching from WestQuay shopping centre to the Bargate where his sleigh was poised to run along.People appeared more flabbergasted at the stunt watching rather than cheering especially when the unlit sleigh stopped briefly in the middle of the ride before setting off again into the distance and then reversing back to the start.Children were able to meet Father Christmas at the doors of a giant advent calendar, where they received presents from him.Santa aka high wire artist Falko Traber will be running twice daily flights until December 23.Mr Traber has held seven world records during a four decade long career as a high wire artist.Klaus Biedermann and Mexx2 will provide a traditional Bavarian musical accompaniment.Each performance will last for about 20 minutes.Southampton city council shouldn’t be aloud to say » we’ve switched on our lights» they have nothing to do with it kitchenware.