He came as a stranger to this own country

Yet, when the Word became flesh, He came as a stranger to this own country. People who had been groomed to receive Him, did not recognize him and rejected him. He forgave them and loved them and restored them to the dance of the Creator. Her parents had chosen this life. They opted out of their respective religious backgrounds and were admirers of Rudolf Steiner (Austrian philosopher and founder of biodynamics.)Georgina recalls the small dairy herd, a breed called Red Polls, a couple of Guernseys and Jerseys. «I loved the dairy side of things, the coolness of the dairy with its ultra clean smell of disinfectant, making butter, clotted cream and cottage cheese, not on a commercial scale, but for the house.»I now knew ‘Doll,’ well I felt as though I did after our conversation She was the lovely old cart horse who had come with the family when her parents moved from Yorkshire, in 1947.

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