DIRECTV’s phone number is 1 800 531 5000

I have worked in every school district in Washington County during and after my retirement. We have fabulous schools in our area. Just recently in 2015, I facilitated a math program in Marietta City Schools and Frontier Local Schools and I can assure you that there is excellent teaching and learning.Let the students score very low, and when they make the improvements in the following years, the Ohio Department of Education will say, how good they look! heck with the teachers, principals, advisors, and superintendents.

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The fifth grade students were plotting, designing and inspiring the development of a new park. The 97 acre Lynn Haven Bayou Park and Preserve will share a fence with the school. Using Deepwater Horizon money, the Department of Environmental Protection chose this spot to improve public access to waterways, something that was damaged during the oil spill..

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