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Employment Minister Eric Abetz has called for the opposition leader Bill Shorten to intervene to stop strike action at Australia’s largest export port.

Tugboat workers are threatening to strike for up to a week over pay and leave entitlements, a move mining giant BHP Billiton says could force it to halt production and cost suppliers up to $700 million.

Mr Abetz would not say at what point the government would intervene in the matter to protect the national interest, but said the government did not want the iron ore industry to be harmed during difficult economic times.

«To prejudice the goose that is laying the golden egg for us would be economic vandalism at its worst and that is why Bill Shorten needs to intervene,» Mr Abetz told reporters in Perth on Thursday.

He said the government had sent officials to Port Hedland to closely monitor the situation.

Talks between the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and Teekay Shipping are deadlocked following 11 months of discussions over pay and leave entitlements.

Short moral stories for kids

Short moral stories for kids The greedy dogShort moral stories for kids (like the story of the greedy dog and the shadow) have for a long part been part of a child’s education.Cheap Jerseys china Being short stories (kind of mini stories for kids) these do not tax a child’s patience and are well suited for the low attention spans of children. They are also useful to convey morals and values like the ill effects of greed.

20 moral stories for kids (FREE till Mar 18th)

Read below a retelling of one such popular fable from the collection of Aesops fables the story of the dog and the shadow, also often referred to as the story of the greedy dog.

The dog and the shadow story retoldDoggy Dog was a village dog. He was always hungry. He was also a rather greedy dog. When Doggy’s best friend Waggy Dog of the nearby town called him over for a party, Doggy was overjoyed. Doggy had a great time at the party. And what a party it was! Waggy had laid out biscuits, sweet bread, jam buns and some bones. Doggy had a wonderful meal. But at last it was time to go back. But Doggy was reluctant to part with the last bone. «Can I take this back with me?» he asked Waggy. «Sure, be my guest,» politely replied Waggy.

And so it was that Doggy trotted back home with a bone in his mouth.

More short moral stories for kidsMoral stories for kids Short stories for kids with.

Moral stories for kids are popular among both kids and their parents and teachers. Kids love the stories and parents love the fact that they are imbibing a moral or a value. Short stories for kids with morals are particularly welcome because kids havKindergarten Stories Short stories for kindergarte.

Children love short kindergarten stories such as ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. Kindergarten stories not only entertain the child but can also be quite often educative. They often present a moral and a value too. Preschoolers in particular may love to expSmall stories for kids The goose that laid the gol. Here is a beautifully illustrated version of this fable that has a moral too. The fox and the stork story is fun for children to read with pictures. Such short stories for kidsShort kids stories in English The thirsty crow wi.

Short kids stories in English like the thirsty crow story are a wonderful source of entertainment for kids. The popular thirsty crow story ( a moral story) is given here with pictures.

‘The Lion and the Mouse,’ and ‘The hare and the tortoise’ are both well known moral short stories for children. Kindergarten kids and pre schoolers love such stories, particularly with pictures.