And that ADDITIONALLY, Justin Bruening is married in real life

So let me give you some scope on the size of the opportunity. MapMyFitness has built a community of over 21 million registered users. And during just the first week of January, we added more than 400,000 new users from the 1st to the 7th. Blah blah leaving the Navy taking a job in her ex boyfriend Billy Harrington’s new security firm blah. I really only note this so as to remind you that Billy Harrington is played by Justin Bruening, aka Tyler from Ringer, also briefly known as the new Knight Rider, but most importantly known (to our fair leader) as Jamie from ALL MY CHILDREN. And that ADDITIONALLY, Justin Bruening is married in real life to his former All My Children cast mate, Alexa Havins, aka BABE, from Torchwood.

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