2 billion euro rights issue in 2008

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Canada Goose on Sale Banks wary about how much say they would have, according to other sources close to the negotiations. Banks were uncomfortable about relying on risk assessments by banks that were very close to Unicredit.The three banks were also concerned about BoAML’s long standing ties with Unicredit through Italian lead banker Andrea Orcel, the sources added. Banks wanted to increase the financial protection in case the transaction didn’t go through, the first source, close to Unicredit, said.Shares in Unicredit, which holds 40 billion euros of Italian government bonds, have lost half their value this year, leaving its fundraising worth around 50 percent of its market value, and making it painfully dilutive for investors.»At the last minute they got hung up on a couple of legalistic issues and thought that given the situation is so uncertain they could get some concessions from Unicredit by playing hardball,» said a separate source close to the deal.Such wrangling is not uncommon when companies are under pressure to raise capital.When Santander launched a 7.2 billion euro rights issue in 2008, at least one bank walked away at the last minute after baulking at the risk of underwriting the deal.($1 = 0.7506 euros)(Additional reporting by Douwe Miedema in London and Silvia Aloisi in Milan; Editing by Sophie Walker)Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters Canada Goose on Sale.