) Williams heard the sound of a taser

Legally blind since June 2009, the Melbourne woman, 42, regularly fields ignorant inquiries when people spot her navigating a street with her red tipped white cane. It’s meant to identify a person as being visually impaired, but it also seems to bring out the worst in some. «That’s the only way that I can be blind.».

fake oakleys Lying in the hospital, Williams later told an ABRA investigator he had heard about the party through a friend. The 23 year old, who lives in Garfield Heights, was attempting to enter through the loading dock when, he said, he heard someone say, «Get back or I’ll tase you.» (Steward disputes this detail.) Williams heard the sound of a taser, he said, and witnessed the crowd pulse backward. He heard someone say the side door was open. fake oakleys

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