Skydivers dropped in to the symphonic version of «When I Wish

Since Sept. 11, I’ve thought the only way to answer Islamophobia was to be polite and kind; the best way to counter all the negativity people were seeing on TV about Islam was by showing them the opposite. I urged Omar to volunteer and help people in need Muslim or otherwise (charity is a pillar of Islam).

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«The purpose is to just continue to try and evolve,» Barnhart said. «Things take time, and you continue to work with them. Again, the goal of the whole thing was to bring the K out in front and make it more prominent, and we achieved that, and we like where it is.».

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They drove around the ballpark in antique cars before about 2,000 guests. Skydivers dropped in to the symphonic version of «When I Wish Upon A Star.» They wore tuxedos under their jumpsuits and would present the rings. Ken and Tonya kissed following the last note of the song, and there was a fireworks display beyond the outfield wall..

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