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The makers proudly explain how cleverly Watson suggests combinations of ingredients that no one in their right mind would put together. For one recipe Replica Hermes Birkin Replica Hermes, he comes up with «mushroom, strawberry, chicken and pineapple.» Why? Because, says the bloke from IBM, they all «share significant levels of the flavour compound g dodecalactone». Oh they do? Well I’ve cooked chicken and mushroom many times, and locals in the Yucatan region often cook chicken with lime or lemon Replica Hermes Bags, but chicken with strawberry or pineapple? Leave it, as they say Replica Hermes, out..

Hera’s reaction on the physical handicap of Hephaestus reflects the ancient Greek take on physical weakness. The ancient Greeks saw disability as a sign of inferiority, and it was believed that people with physical problems were also slow witted. Although, this was not the case with Hephaestus, as can be seen from his numerous skillful creations, myths tell us that he was always treated as a second class citizen on Mount Olympus, and was always teased by other divinities for his lameness.

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