It was found that the 16s rRNA genes were absent were absent

They did this by using 16S rRNA clone libraries and microarrays (PhyloChip)in order to determine any changes, during antibiotic treatment, in bacterial community compositions. It was found that the 16s rRNA genes were absent were absent from patients who were itubated briefly but was present in those who were intubated for a longer period. Also, for each patient, bacterial diversity decreased after administration of antibiotics and P.

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(a) Typical staining of paraffin embedded CT26 and MCA205 cell lines cultured in vitro, or after ex vivo conditioning and at day 12 and 22 post inoculation in BALB or C57BL mice using anti HMGB1 Ab. Control staining patterns using an isotype control antibody indicated no specific labeling of nuclei or cytoplasms (not shown). As internal control, marginal zone of the MCA205 tumor and lymph node showing nuclei HMGB1 staining are depicted.

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