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In this perspective Cheap Prada Bags, each participant was interviewed by either a trained psychiatrist or a psychologist before acceptance into treatment using the Screening Interview for Axis II Disorder (SCID II) BPD part.19 In addition, the French version of the Diagnostic Interview for Genetic Studies (DIGS) was used to assess Axis I disorders.20 At 1 week before the start of I DBT, each participant completed the Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI II)21 to assess the current severity of depression, the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS)22 to estimate the degree of pessimism and negativity about the future and the Barrat Impulsiveness Scale (BIS 10) to measure the three components of impulsivity: motor (behavior), attentional (cognitive) and non planning.23 On the last day of I DBT, participants were asked to complete these questionnaires again. The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ), which examines five types of trauma (sexual abuse, physical abuse Cheap Prada, physical neglect, emotional abuse and emotional neglect) http://www.cheap-prada-bags.net,24 was used to assess childhood traumatic experience. With the exception of the BIS 10, these baseline measurements were previously used in our previous study examining the effect of child maltreatment on NR3C1 methylation status.2.

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